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Multi-room music with Logitech Media Server

Logitech Media Server (“LMS”) is a very useful addition to Muso as it will allow you to play music, queued by Muso, on network-connected devices. However, if you just want to play the music directly from the PC, you do not need it.

Although development of LMS has been dropped by Logitech, along with its excellent Squeezebox hardware range (particularly the SB Touch, of which I have two), the development has been taken on by some of the original team and a vibrant user community and is virtually open source - new version (7.9.1) was released in March 2018. Also, you do not need specialised hardware players – an iPhone with iPeng works just as well as a SB Touch and if you want a cheap server/player a Raspberry Pi is hard to beat.

This section has some screenshots (based on Squeezebox Touch devices or Squeezeplay running on other devices) and some information on configuration. For more information, see the forums.