A Digital Symphony

A classical music lover’s guide to enjoying your collection on a computer.

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Outline of the process

To make all this work, the process in outline is:

  1. Rip:- rip the CDs to FLAC using the ripper of your choice. FLAC files are lossless, but compressed to save space, and provide for a limitless number and variety of tags for metadata. (You may be starting with downloaded music in which case this step is obviously irrelevant).
  2. Tag:- check that the required metadata is in MusicBrainz. If not, add it. Then apply the metadata to the music files using Picard with my "Classical Extras" plugin. (Note that, as far as I am aware, there is no ripping software which provides the full metadata, so this does need to be a separate step).
  3. Catalogue:- import the music to Muso and check it looks right. Add any extra artwork / sleevenotes / booklet files. If metadata is missing or wrong, update it in MusicBrainz, retag it with Picard and re-import it.
  4. Play:- browse/search music in Muso and queue it to play via LMS or the PC-based player. (Optionally) use the Muso Remote interface on a tablet to control the player and view sleevenote / booklet pdf files.

This still involves a bit of human review along the way, particularly to fix any shortcomings in the available metadata.
Take a look at the Screenshots to see what the result looks like.

See the diagram below for an overview of the process and go to the "Symphony" section for the details.