A Digital Symphony

A classical music lover’s guide to enjoying your collection on a computer.

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SongKong. While not absolutely essential (you can just use Picard), SongKong is useful for tagging larger number of files and picking up the MusicBrainz Ids, prior to any fine-tuning with Picard. Cost is £25 from http://www.jthink.net/songkong/.

SongKong uses its own database sourced from MusicBrainz - which has advantages but it may be out of date by days or weeks. Also Picard has its own tag scripting tool (and my plugin); if you don't use Picard then you will need something like Mp3tag if you need to extend the capability of SongKong (a scripting tool is promised for SongKong).

Read the manual - it is very clear. Pay particular attention to the "Classical" settings. - the settings I use are shown below:

SongKong adds a special "is_classical" tag based on tables of composers etc., which can be very useful as Picard/MusicBrainz does not do this (although it can be set as an option in my Classical Extras plugin, SongKong has a more sophisticated database for determining if music is classical).